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Terms of obtaining a sales representative

Terms of obtaining a sales representative

Karen company digital door lock Sale’s dealers

The Karen Business Group intends to increase the availability of all Iranian people to purchase the products of this company with all the facilities and after-sales service of Karen Kavir, a representative of the sale of own products, services and special services to all legal persons in alliance. Iran points out the following conditions:

Primary purchase

All Karen’s official representatives must have purchased at least 4 products from the company’s products (on request for the representation of the whole product), and have received training on how they are operating and general. It is worth noting that selecting two products from the company Karen and the other two will be customer choice.

In cases where a particular product is requested, the applicant is required to purchase a complete sample of the same product.

Terms of sale electronic locking

  • Having a useful space.
  • Have at least one Landline phone and at least one mobile phone line.
  • Having at least one sales employee and a technical employee with relevant experience and training.

Digital Lock Sales Representative Activity History

Work experience in matters related to Karen’s products is not the criteria for obtaining representation, and only the perseverance in modern sales and the provision of proper after-sales service to customers is important for Karen..

A summary of the job description of the electronic dealership office

  • Customer support in accordance with the terms of the company (Karen kavir) during the duration of the contract.
  • Market research in the area of dealer representation in accordance with the company’s views and announcement of results.
  • Manage district advertising and enforce company approvals.
  • Active participation in all executive programs, training sessions, strategic meetings, etc., which is organized by the company.

Important Tips on obtaining digital door lock sales

  • The duration of the validity of the dealer’s license for the digital door lock is agreed upon and the renewal of the contract is merely subject to the approval of Karen Kavir.
  • The guarantee for obtaining a license for Karen’s digital door lock shop for the above mentioned period is 200,000,000 Rials, which is received as a check guarantee.
  • All Caren Digital Resellers are required to complete a full cash withdrawal within 15 days of delivery.
  • All sales representatives of the Karen digital door lock are only allowed to advertise and sell their products in the area of ​​their dealership, and if they are required to do so for some reason, they must obtain the necessary permission from the company.
  • After receiving a digital door lock dealership, facilities such as catalogs, brochures and posters, promotional tracks and last-list products will be provided to the dealer to facilitate the sale.

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