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technical support of Karen digital door lock

technical support of Karen digital door lock

Karen Co. At all stages of delivery, installation and after-sales service, besides you are dear customers, so you can enjoy the safety and comfort of your life by buying the product safely. All of the services provided by experts who are aware of the information about the sale and installation of the World’s Day. The company is always trying to attract the full satisfaction of the dear customers, and by expanding these products throughout Iran with exceptional services, it will bring security, comfort and comfort to all Iranian families.

Service and technical support Karen Digital Lock includes:

– Pre-sale services for Karen digital lock:

  • Understanding Buyer’s Views and Collecting Information.
  • Establishing exchange meetings between sales executives and sales experts and completing required information.
  • Offer the right product with full coverage of customer needs.
  • Estimation of the status of existing infrastructure for operation.
  • Estimated human resources requirements.
  • Collect the information needed to deploy and install the electronic lock.
  • Displays how the electronic lock works on the Sample and delivers it within the defined time frame.
  • Achieving the best distribution channel of the product.
  • Provide effective suggestions on how to improve the performance of a customer’s product.

– Services during the sale of Karen Digital Lock:

  • Co-operation during regular deployment in a regular and planned manner through expert specialists and supplier suppliers.
  • Exploitation, installation and training of digital door locks to customer references.
  • Create trust in the customer by choosing this collection as an digital door locks supplier.
  • Convincing the customer, defending the product, and answering the bugs that the customer makes.
  • Additional training and customer delivery of the product.

– After-sales service Karen Digital Lock:

  • Precise tracking after the digital door locks is delivered delivered to the customer.
  • The ability of the company’s specialists in the field of technical services for digital door locks karen for the satisfaction of our dear customers.
  • Create long-term customer relationship.
  • Periodic contacts with the customers of the company for the guidance of the technical products        purchased.
  • Extended replacement warranty according to customer requirements with minimum possible cost.

For more information on selling, installing, and technical support, you can call the Karen Digital door Lock at 09372276014 (24-hour customer service) and 88202561 (sales department).