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Password digital lock

The importance of lock production among people is increasing day by day. The major part of this popularity is the production of smart lock , which has increased the comfort and security in human life and living environment. There are different models in terms of access around the world, one of which is the password lock. Installing password locks on the entrance door will be an easy and affordable solution to increase security and comfort in commuting. The password digital lock (digital password lock) allows the user to access or use the front door through the touch screen and entering the password, without the need for a key. In addition to the password, other models can be controlled by other methods such as: card (like a card lock), fingerprint, emergency key, and mobile phone.

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What is a Password digital door lock?   

This is a perfect and good question. A password lock allows you to access the entrance door of the building using a password. Unlike mechanical locks, which have mobile problems for users, a digital lock with access by password or mobile phone has removed the problems of using mechanical keys for you.

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The merits of buying a password lock

With the production of password locks, it is no longer necessary to reproduce lost keys or to change the entire door lock due to lost or stolen keys. You can easily identify the new password to the lock without incurring any cost to you. In these types of locks, you can easily define an access password for new users or define a temporary password for people who work for you temporarily. You can also remotely control and open and close the entrance door by mobile phone. All these features will make you use the smart lock to protect your workplace or life.

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Password lock features

There are various models of combination locks in the market.Most of them can be used without wires and technical specifications, build quality and price level offer different features. For this purpose and for further explanation, we will tell you some of the common features that should be considered when buying these types of locks.

  • Different encryption methods

Using this feature, you can define a special password for each person. For example, define an admin password for home or business owners, a master password for family members and employees, and a temporary password for guests and people who come to your home temporarily.              

  • Smart touch screen

Having a touch screen with proper backlight makes it easy to identify the password in the dark. In some locks, when approaching the door, the touch screen turns on and makes it easier to enter the password (IR technology).(function like fingerprint lock).      

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  • High security in the password lock system

Advanced security systems such as having privacy, child lock and etc. security encryption such as: creating imaginary password and random code as well as security event warning alarms have made the password lock the highest and strongest level of security for people living in residential and commercial places. brought

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تابع خیالی در قفل رمزی

  • Connecting a password lock to a mobile phone

The ability to connect a password lock to a mobile phone allows you to open and close the door remotely. So you can record and control the entry and exit of different people. Other benefits of a password lock have been mentioned in previous posts.

  • Power supply in combination locks

The energy required for the combination lock is provided by pen batteries in most cases, this makes the installation of the lock easy. The life of the batteries in these types of locks is usually very high and it will not cost you much and is very economical.

منبع تغذیه اضطراری در قفل رمزی

  • Connecting to all kinds of smart and security systems

One of the necessary things to pay attention to when buying is the possibility of integrating password locks with smart and security systems. In addition to programming the lock for different home or workplace modes and convenience in commuting with advanced access methods such as facial recognition, voice commands, mobile phone, etc., it leads to increasing your security and control.      

  • Installing password locks on the doors

The password digital lock has great flexibility for all types of doors in terms of opening methods and can be easily installed on all types of doors.

  • Warranty and after-sales service

Having a valid warranty card and after-sales service gives the consumer the confidence that if any problem occurs, it will be resolved in the shortest possible time.


A video about electronic password lock

The newest and most high-quality models of Password locks

ROOK P241 password lock

One of the best digital lock models in this brand is undoubtedly the p241 model. With this digital lock model, you don’t need to use the knob because the door opens and closes automatically. The p241 smart lock gives you the possibility of some access, including password, card and fingerprint .This lock supports all kinds of rfid cards such as bank cards, spy cards and mobile phone tags by Rook p241 card digital lock. Among the features and characteristics of Rook’s digital lock, we can mention the existence of an application, p241 lock report, connection to smart home, connection to remote control and iPhone video, automatic lock and anti-theft alarm.

قفل رمزی p241

ROOK P241 password lock


VULCAN-FR digital lock

This special product can be installed on all wooden,metal and anti-theft doors. One of the best and main features of Yale VULCAN-FR digital lock is anti-hacking, anti-theft and fire-proof of this product. For more security, comfort and peace, we suggest you to use Yale  digital lock. You can easily use this model of locks for places such as residential, commercial, recreational and office.In a general concept to introduce this product, it can be said that the VULCAN-FR digital lock has a fast, convenient, easy and high security method. The best features of this lock include three languages, various accesses including password, fingerprint, card, guaranteeing the security of access methods, automatic locking system, security alarm, child lock system, connection via Bluetooth and application.

قفل رمزی یال VULCAN-FR

VULCAN-FR digital lock


Samsung SHP-P50 password lock

This wonderful product is fullautomatic. Samsung digital lock SHP-P50 can be installed on all types of anti-theft, wooden and metal doors and has an emergency mechanical key.This product has features such as control and security that can overcome the weaknesses of ordinary knobs. Therefore, it is better to use Samsung SHP-P50 digital lock instead of normal knobs to meet security, comfort and beauty needs. We would like to mention the features of this product such as security alarms, smart brain, lock privacy, etc.

قفل رمزی سامسونگ SHP-P50

Samsung SHP-P50 password lock


Gateman A330-FH digital lock

Gateman digital lock model A330-FH is one of the best smart locks with fingerprint capability. In the construction and design of the body of this product, special alloys are used that are fireproof and shockproof, and this lock can recognize 30 different codes. If you want to use the best smart lock to maintain the security of office, residential and recreational places, we suggest you choose A330-FH Gateman digital lock. The widely used features of this lock include remote control with a smartphone, equipped with a privacy system, brain with a hook tab, equipped with an imaginary function system, access to the lock by fingerprint, etc.

قفل رمزی گیت من A330-FH

Gateman A330-FH digital lock


Samsung 6020 password lock

To prevent insecurity, theft and reduce these incidents, we suggest you to use Samsung digital lock model 6020. This unique product can be installed on all doors, including wooden, metal, anti-theft. You can use the Samsung password lock for places such as residential, commercial, office and entertainment. We must say that advanced security systems have been used in the construction of this smart lock. It also has access methods such as card and password. It is one of the safest and best digital locks. The features of this product include the ability to connect to smart home and iPhone, steel core, remote control, automatic lock, etc. Samsung digital lock model 6020 is very resistant to impact, pressure and heat.

قفل رمزی سامسونگ 6020

Samsung 6020 password lock

 ROOK H220 password lock

The H220 digital lock is from the Rooke brand. One of the best features of this lock is the ability to install it on all kinds of surfaces. Functional options are used in the design and construction of this unique product .If you want to use the best smart lock for peace of mind and maintain greater security, our suggestion is the Rook digital lock model H220. The most important features of this product include child lock, various access, security alarms, lock privacy, connection to remote control and iPhone video, connection of Rook lock to smart home, etc.

قفل رمزی ROOK H220

ROOK H220 password lock

Samsung DP609 digital lock

One of the best and most widely used smart lock models is undoubtedly the Samsung DP609 digital lock. The fingerprint sensitivity of this lock model is from the second generation. This lock has high speed and less error . To buy this product, be sure to pay attention to the seller’s symbol and licenses. Among the best features of this product, we can mention anti-shock system, fingerprint, remote control, double lock, child lock, anti-shock system, anti-hacking system, etc.

قفل سامسونگ DP609

Samsung DP609 digital lock

G510 security glass password lock

A unique product designed and produced for Security glass doors. The access methods of the security glass digital lock G510 are with password and card. You can use this lock for commercial, office and residential places. The Samsung G510 digital lock is ideal for exchanges and gold shops to maintain greater security. By using this lock, you no longer need to bend down and in difficult conditions, also removing the traditional key is very suitable for more convenience. In general, it can be said that to maintain greater security and convenience, we suggest you to use the G510 security glass digital lock.

قفل رمزی شیشه سکوریت G510

G510 security glass password lock



Password lock FAQ

It is a type of digital lock and it is called a code lock due to its encryption capability.

Samsung, Yale, Gateman and Rook are among the best-selling brands in password lock manufacturing companies.

Yes, code locks can be installed on wooden, anti-theft and metal doors.