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Important Tips When Buying a Digital Lock

Important Tips When Buying a Digital Lock

Important Tips When Buying a Digital Lock

The Karen Digital Locks in Yale, Samsung, Gateman, Evernet, H-GANG and … are built in South Korea, all of which have the following advantages that customers need to pay attention to when buying a digital door lock:

– Buy a Korean digital door lock on the Samsung, Gateman , Everent, H-GANG and HIONE brand and … one-year replacement warranty. (In case of any lock problem other than the break all electronic lock is changed for free).

– All Korean digital door locks Karen has 15 years of after-sales service and 3 years supply of parts.

– The Samsung and Gateman digital door lock has an internal door handle, which is the most important advantage of these electronic locks than other locks and increases security.

– The Korean digital lock has a standard tab that fits the lock engine, which adds more brain power and battery life.

– All of Karen’s digital door locks have world-class standards of security and fabrication and quality (KS & KPS, iReavo, DIN, etc.)

– When purchasing a digital door lock, pay attention to Karen’s logo.

The company is also the sole authorized representative of the YALE digital door lock and subsidiary of ASSA ABLOY in Sweden, whose after-sales service for this type of European-American digital lock is as follows::

– 24 months replacement warranty from the time of installation. 

– 15 years after-sales service.

– 5 years guarantee of parts supply.

– 24-hour Karen Support.

For more information on Karen’s Digital door lock’s price, call (+98)98372276014 (24 hours) and call (+9821)88202561 (Sales Department).