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Digital door lock price

Digital door lock price

Karen Group as the only official representative of the European-American Digital door Lock (YALE) and subsidiary of ASSA ABLOY Sweden in Iran as well as the first and the largest provider of Korean digital lockers in Iran with 11 years of continuous presence and cooperation with public and private organizations, has been established with the aim of working in the field of manufacturing, distributing and selling all types of digital door locks and security equipment.

Providing different solutions to the company in accordance with the requirements of respectable customers, as well as explaining the process of doing work and consulting before the project is a task of the company. Providing the best quality and most complete after-sales service, the most suitable and best digital door lock price, as well as reaching the highest customer satisfaction, is the key to the behavior of Karen Company employees.

Given Karen’s range of work and the introduction of various locks with different brands, Karen’s digital door lock’s price range is so high that it has the ability to buy locks from every corner of the community. The security and comfort of the homes of all the beloved Iranians are the only wish of Karen. Karen is based on the principle that providing affordable services will make buying these products available to all people anywhere in Iran, and that people’s concern for the security of their homes will be eliminated forever.

The company hopes that all of Iran’s people will have access to the use of world-class technologies, which have only one single-digit lock, to access the comfort and safety of their families with maximum comfort and comfort. Hope with the bright background and the kindness of the people and customers we can leave the nickname and always remain with the respectable customers so that we can solve a number of issues and provide solutions to the best, most reliable and cost effective. Make the most decisions.

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