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Digital door lock catalog

Digital door lock catalog

Digital door lock catalog

In this section, we try to provide a catalog of digital door locks to our dear customers so that they can easily get acquainted with these products. It is hoped that with the acquisition and study of the company’s digital door lock catalog, you will become more familiar with these products and give you the convenience to your work or life by making a conscious purchase and according to your needs. In the following, in each section, a brief description of the relevant brands will be provided to your loved ones.

Yale Digital Door Lock

The Yale brand under the license of ASSA ABLOY is one of the oldest international brands in the world and the most well-known name in the locking industry. The digital door lock history incorporates great innovations that show not only the edges, but also the overall development of the locking industry. With a high security digital lock, the company is one of the best and best-selling digital door lock brands in the world.

It should be noted that Karen Co., as the sole authorized representative of this locksmith in Iran, offers high quality products with its exclusive after-sales service to its customers throughout Iran.

SANSUNG Digital Door Lock

The Samsung brand is the best-selling Korean brand in the world. Due to its stunning design and international standards and awards in terms of technical and security features, the brand is a special place among customers to protect the entrance door of the building. It is enjoyable.

Gateman Digital Door Lock

Gateman brand under the license of Yale-ASSA ABLOY, like the Samsung brand, is one of the top Korean products in the world. This brand was selected for the fourth time since 2005 as the best global product produced in Korea. At the moment, iRevo GATEMAN owns half of South Korea’s market. The feature of these remote control products is the smartphone, as well as the use of the admin password.

H-GANG Digital Door Lock

Another Korean brand in the field of digital door lock is H-GANG, which provides a new level of security and design to its customers around the world. Providing new fingerprint recognition methods is one of the key features of this Korean brand.

Evernet Digital Door Lock

The company has a special position among Korean customers, as well as other neighboring countries and Iran, due to the availability of high quality products at very reasonable prices, as well as the satisfaction of the customer and the provision of exceptional after-sales services.

Hione Digital Door Lock

Although this brand is not famous in the Korean brands like Samsung and Gate I in the world, some of its products, like the H7090, are comparable to those of Samsung and Gateman in terms of product quality and technical characteristics. The most important feature of this new PULL-PUSH handles model.

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