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What is a card lock?

A card lock is a type of smart lock that provides you with security and peace of mind. This feature has made people welcome this lock. This is a strong reason that today we see the spread of this digital lock all over the world, especially in the continents of Europe and Asia. In this article, we will try to review the “card lock” and explain the reason for choosing a card lock for our dear customers.

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vulcan-fr Digital card lock

Advantages of card lock

Digital card lock is another type of smart lock that provides keyless use, but this is not the only advantage of a digital lock, benefits and applications such as:

password (function like password lock)

Fingerprint (function like fingerprint lock)

remote control



child lock

Automatic lock

IR sensor

Double entrance

Random code

It has all the mentioned items and guarantees the peace of customers. Of course, if any of these cards is lost, you can remove it as soon as possible to prevent accidents.

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the benefits of card locks

Installing this lock gives you the possibility of logging in and out. The most important of them are large RF card, KEY TAG and SMART CARD. Of course, metro and credit cards can also be identified with it. It is possible to identify multiple cards with this smart lock. Its necessary to mention that the number of identification cards is different according to their brand. It seems that the installation and use of card locks in entertainment centers, sports centers, hotels and other office and commercial places is useful and appropriate. The card recognition capacity in most locks is above 20 cards. The most important technical and security features of the card lock, which has brought peace, comfort and convenience to customers, are: Password, card, fingerprint, double entry, warning alarms, child lock, privacy, one-time password, remote control, automatic lock and use of imaginary codes.

Types of card locks

 There are many card locks on the market and we have already mentioned this point. Undoubtedly, these locks are different in terms of quality, brand, benefits and price. And the types of card locks:

Samsung card lock

Undoubtedly, Samsung lock is one of the highest quality card locks. The country of manufacture of this lock is South Korea. The number of cards that can be introduced to these products is 20 cards. It has a very beautiful quality and design. It should be noted that the G510 model will be able to recognize 50 cards. This lock has incredible advantages such as child lock, automatic lock, imaginary function, double lock, IR sensor, remote control, Bluetooth, anti-hacking, anti-fire, guest password, etc. In fact, it should be said that these advantages will have the greatest impact on the price of the lock.

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Gateman card lock

 One of the best-selling card lock brands in the world, which is licensed by ASSA ABLOY Sweden, is the “Gate Man” brand. In models like X300 and wb360, in addition to the KEY TAG card, there are also two smart cards. The most important features of this brand are: child lock, automatic lock, warning alarm, anti-fire, anti-hacking, remote control, Bluetooth, privacy, double lock, one-time password, and also this brand, like Samsung, can identify “20” cards. which is available on the product when buying 2 KEY TAG cards. All in all, in addition to the technical and security features, the type and country of manufacture of this brand that we introduced to you, has the greatest effect on the relevant price.

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Yale card lock

One of the most updated card lock brands in the world is the Yale brand. This brand has reliable security standards and technical features that play an important role in protecting the home and family members. This brand is licensed by ASSA ABLOY, Sweden, and it is similar to the Gateman brand. It can recognize 40 cards. There are also 4 large RF type cards in the package of Yale locks. Yale’s best-selling card locks include YDM3168, ZEN-R, and ydm4109. The most important technical and security features that have the greatest effect on the price of these locks after the company and country of manufacture are: child lock, privacy, random password, main password, one-time password, double lock, automatic lock, warning alarm, fireproof, Anti-hacking, remote control, Bluetooth, etc.

قفل کارتی یال

Evernet card lock

These locks can support more than 100 cards and are very suitable for hotels and office, commercial and recreational places. LH600 can be mentioned as one of the best-selling Evernet card lock models. Of course, this brand has technical and security features like the other brands mentioned above; But in terms of quality, it must be said that it has a lower quality than the three mentioned brands.

Card digital lock video

Card lock capabilities

Card lock is a digital product and an access way to enter, which can be connected to video and electric iPhones and open the entrance door of buildings with the help of RFID cards. By introducing the card to the card reader and recognizing it by the card reader and recognizing the user’s identity, you will be able to send an opening command to the opposite control unit and enter.

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Electronic card lock

Open the doors by card lock

More than 1000 cards could be introduced to this type of card access control system. The card lock also has a master card. You could easily open the door using MasterCard. Different types of functional cards in this model can be referred to as sticker, keychain and large cards.

Long life and durability of the card lock

The technology used to make this lock has increased its life and durability significantly.

Elimination of all kinds of problems caused by traditional keys

By using a card lock and this type of access, the problems of using keys such as forgetting, losing, etc. will disappear forever. You can easily carry the card in your wallet or documents. This device is very suitable for special people such as the elderly and children due to the abandonment of the traditional key.

Easy installation of card lock

These products can be installed on all types of video and audio iPhones and do not require wiring or replacing the iPhone. It is also very simple to set up and you do not need an expert to introduce and remove cards.

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Open the door with the card

Door opener power supply

This product is easily connected to the iPhone and starts working by 220 V electricity.

 Unthinkable security system in electronic card lock

The card lock is almost Unhackable and the reason is that the Manchester encryption system is used and the card cannot be copied. Also, due to its unique design and production, no one can access the device.

Types of cards used in card locks

Card lock is one of the advanced examples of digital locks that is used to protect the units of any building. Today, card locks are used to control the entry and exit of people in hotels, some organizations and even homes. for open the door, each person needs a door card lock and only by using this card will he be allowed to enter the house. You might be wondering what cards are used in the card lock? Stay with us to know about card locks and how they work.

KEY TAG card in the card lock

One of the types of cards used in the card lock is undoubtedly the KEY TAG card. The appearance of this model of cards is in the form of keychain. Usually there are two KEY TAG cards in a card lock package.

Smart card in the card lock

Another type of card is the SMART CARD model. This type of card has two sides, one side of which has an adhesive property that makes it easy to stick this type of card on some devices such as mobile phones, power banks, etc. They are rarely lost.

Large ID or credit cards

This model of cards used in card locks is usually used in office and commercial environments. Large ID or credit cards have a standard appearance. You can use this model of cards to control traffic and identify personnel in the workplace.

SWIP card in the card lock

The SWIP cards used in the card lock are equipped with a magnetic system, thus saving the encryption steps. If you use these cards, you can open the door when the information stored in the system matches completely. Also keep in mind that bank cards are a type of SWIP card.

NFC in the card lock

This model of cards is mostly used in contactless identification systems. NFC cards are actually high frequency RFID cards. Note that NFC cards are more secure than RFID cards. Due to the high cost of production and design, these cards are rarely produced in the digital lock industry. NFC cards have no special use in Iran.

Features of a number of card lock models

Product image Product feature

Samsung 6020 card lock

  • Five mechanical keys
  • It has a one-year warranty and 15 years of after-sales service
  • Ability to identify 20 cards
  • The ability to identify a password between 5 and 12 digits
  • Dual access method
  • remote control
  • Connection to smart home and iPhone
  • Automatic locking system at night
  • Automatic lock
  • Equipped with LR system

Yale YDM 3109 digital lock

  • Ability to identify 40 cards
  • It has two mechanical keys
  • Automatic locking system
  • Automatic locking system at night
  • The ability to identify a password between 6 and 12 digits
  • Equipped with a one-year warranty and 15 years of after-sales service

Rook P231 Card lock

  • You can Connect to the remote and iPhone video
  • Automatic lock
  •  anti-theft alarm
  • Ability to identify 100 cards
  • It has two mechanical keys
  •  Equipped with a one-year warranty and 15 years of after-sales service
  • Ability to identify 100 fingerprints

Rook H220 card lock

  • Ability to identify 100 cards
  • It has two mechanical keys
  • It has a one-year warranty and 15 years of after-sales service
  • Ability to identify 100 codes
  • Ability to identify 100 fingerprints
  • Equipped with security alarms
  • You can Connect to a smart home
  • You can Connect to the remote and iPhone video

Summary of the mentioned contents

Dear customers, if you intend to buy a digital card lock, choose a lock that gives you security, peace and comfort. And by buying it, you can experience different access methods. Therefore, if you want to solve problems such as commuting and frequent problems in hotels, entertainment and sports centers, you can eliminate these concerns by choosing a card lock.

کارت درب ورود

Card of electronic card lock

Frequently asked questions about card locks

There are three card models that include: Key tag, smart card and rfid

Sure, you can remove the ID of the card you missing from the lock you bought.