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benefits of Karen Digital Lock

benefits of Karen Digital Lock

What is a digital lock?

Digital door lock is a product that is installed on all kinds of entrance doors for quick and easy access, increased security, beauty and locking of all kinds of doors. And with various security systems, which provide a lot of comfort and security to the user. Brings In fact, mechanical locks are replaced by locks with a different look and electronic mechanism (electronic and digital lock). In other words, the electronic lock can be considered as a system that opens and closes the door, based on one of the codecs identification, magnetic RFID tags, tags, fingerprints or magnets, which benefits from digital locking.

Features and benefits of digital door lock and Smart handles of Karen

– Do not worry about forgetting to close the door because, if necessary, the digital lock is automatically locked a few seconds after closing (automatic lock).

– The touch keys and cards of these electronic locks are light and small, and their existence is not like a bunch of heavy keys (you can install some of the cards on the glue on your mobile phone so that there is a problem with the carriage Do not quote or lose it).

– You can use your own metro card for these digital door locks as your home or office card.

– Another advantage of the digital door lock is the comfort, beauty and resistance of the device.

– The remote control of this digital door lock is optional and you can add it to your device and remotely control it.

– Battery usage is average 10 times a day for at least 1 year (no battery is required with a battery of 4 and a battery with a battery of up to 8).

– If the batteries are weak, the digital door lock will alert you.

– If you do not pay attention to the alert, or when traveling and the batteries are over, you can easily keep the door open (such as regular locks) by using the mechanical key that is advised outdoors.

– If the device’s battery is over and the mechanical key is not available, you can power it by a book battery and log in with the password, fingerprint, touch key, or card.

– If the device crashes, the siren will sound and the system will log off for one minute.

– If the door remains open, the digital door lock warns three times that it is one of the most fundamental benefits of digital door lock.

– This electronic lock can be installed on the right doors and open the left.

– The lock has a fire alarm sensor (above 55 ° C).

– The lock has an anti-theft system and a double lock, as well as a child lock.

– The lock has an anti-theft system and a double lock, as well as a child lock.

This digital door lock is automatically locked when closed, when it is locked, it cannot be unauthorized outside, but it can be left out of the box, just drop the digital handle to open it and then close it. On, again locked automatically. Another advantage is the Karen Digital door Lock Remote control. If equipped with an digital door lock to a remote control, it can be used as a license from the outside secretary of the room or the person inside the room. These features and benefits of digital locking make it the ideal type of control and administrative override.