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Electronic lock – Digital lock

Digital lock or Electronic lock is a relatively new emerging technology that has been produced to increase the past,these types of locks wew mostly used for Hotels,where the door was opened by a card but now,by an advacement of technalogy,electronic locks have been made for House doors,shopping and Store doors.Digital locks provide you by three types of access:Cards,password or code and fingerprint.

also,type of locks are with mechanical keys too.there are many brands that manufacture and produce digital locks but karen company has tried to give the best brands in the world such as Samsung,Yale,Gateman,Rook,Siemens and etc.with purchasing an electronic lock from Karen,you get a Warrenty card for a year,15 years of after-sales service a  24/7 can also entrust the Instal and Repair of your digital locks to Karens professional team.

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 The most popular electronic lock products

قفل دیجیتال روک p401
قفل الکترونیکی سامسونگ dp728
قفل دیجیتال ولکان
قفل دیجیتال روک p231
قفل دیجیتال روک P221
قفل الکترونیکی سامسونگ P50
قفل الکترونیکی روک H220-1
قفل یال 4109
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Digital locks access ways

digital lock

Best selling digital door lock products

قفل الکترونیکی hbs c100

Why should we choose Karens electronic lock?

The convenience of using Karens digital locks has solved the problems of using traditional and conventional serves its special customers in three ways, including,electronic lock,digital lock and electronic lock provide security and peace of mind and are preferable to conventional locks

Buy a digital lock

If you would like to hear about quality ,we should say that the Yale brand is the most popular and Samsung brand is so economical .the Hi one digital knob, and finally the best in terms of access is the fingerprint lock among different brands .Of course that the full-option electronic lock has access to password, card, fingerprint, application and etc. cannot  be ignored, because these models of locks are considered the best and also they are wholeness.

To learn more about digital locks, you can listen to the following podcast:

Fingerprint digital lock

The most popular electronic lock and types of models are in terms of access, which are available in different models, shapes and brands, this model is a fingerprint lock that can be opened by any person, and people can use full option models such as (code, card and fingerprint) and or only password and fingerprint (without card) consumers, the best quality and security is the Yale brand, the best-selling digital lock is the Samsung brand, and the most economical price is the Rook brand, which are fully automatic locks and also have They are digital door viewers. Of course, there are many models of electronic locks that are manufactured in China and have lower quality and price than other brands.

Card lock

 A card lock is one of the most common smart security knobs that is touched by the card without any touch. This card lock uses a radio card like a metro card. Digital card locks in Yale and Samsung brands and most other brands have got reasonable prices. Because the price of the fingerprint lock is higher due to the use of the fingerprint sensor. Of course, in full option locks, it is removed from both the card and the effect. There are many types of electronic card locks that are used for the doors of houses, offices, building entrances and lobby doors. Other different types include hotel card locks, gym card locks (for sports clubs) or commode card locks (pool card locks).

Password digital lock

Password lock is the simplest type of electronic lock. All locks (except the pool lock and commode electronic lock or gym lock) are opened with a code. The digital password lock is designed in such a way that it is usually powered by a few ordinary pen batteries and has a very economical consumption. Other models of coded locks are such that in addition to the code, they also have access such as a card or fingerprint and are quite affordable.

Digital Tempered glass lock

 This type of digital lock is very suitable for all stores. They are designed to require no drilling and are also portable. Installing the tempered glass lock is very easy and fast. The main advantage of the electronic lock is to remove the key and install it at a height of one meter from the ground. This is a great advantage over traditional key-type locks that have to be closed or opened with difficulty at ground level to open and close. In addition, these digital locks are also equipped with remote control and automatic locking.

Face recognition digital lock

Today, with the advancement of technology and the updating of products, digital locks are of great importance in the world. The face recognition digital lock is one of the latest technologies in the world, which is used for all kinds of knobs. Karen company is one of the producers of this type of locks and also digital knobs. Face recognition digital lock is fast, accurate and provides great results in the shortest time. We suggest you to use this digital lock to keep your home or workplace safe and enjoy its benefits. Digital locks have come a long way in recent years. It is no longer necessary to use a mobile phone to open the doors, but the facial recognition system and Wi-Fi have also been added to the smart lock.

 In short, people can open or close the door by identifying their face to the smart lock. The facial recognition system is one of the most up-to-date features in digital locks. A facial recognition system is a technology that can match a person’s face from a digital image or a video frame with a database of faces. Face recognition to electronic lock and door opening is the easiest and fastest way to open all types of door locks.

Anti-theft electronic door lock

This model of electronic locks can be divided into two groups: The first is the anti-theft digital door lock with multiple tabs that support the C100 model of HBS brand, H30 model of Samsung brand, DESI brand and several other models .The second of smart door lock is conventional anti-lock, when the lock is installed on these doors, multi-tongues (tongues that penetrate the frame from above and below) are disabled. Of course, it goes without saying that electronic locks without arresting can be installed on two models of doors that have any anti-danger without causing problems in their system.

Samsung digital lock

Samsung’s digital lock or electronic lock is one of the most well-known brands among other smart lock brands in Iran. The price of Samsung digital doorknob is almost higher than other brands. The beauty, quality and acceptable popularity of Samsung digital locks have made this brand the best-selling electronic lock model in Iran. The most popular and best-selling Samsung locks in Iran are the 728 and 930 models. You can have a password between 4 and 12 digits and 20 cards as well as 100 fingerprints in your digital lock or electronic lock.

Digital lock price

 The price of a digital lock depends on various factors, including the brand and the type of access or their facilities. The highest quality and price is related to Yale electronic lock, which is made in Europe and South Korea. In the next rank, the brands Gateman (Gateman) made in South Korea and Samsung (Samsung) made in South Korea, Philippines and Vietnam have lower quality and price respectively. Other brands of electronic locks are placed in the next ranks, which have much lower quality or security. The price of these locks is from 150 US dollars to 800 US dollars, of course, the amount of customs duty and shipping is also considered.

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All kinds of questions about digital locks


Digital lock is also known as electronic or smart lock. These types of locks use technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and by sending signals to smart phones, they provide the possibility of opening and closing the door.

In terms of quality, the Yale brand is the most popular, the Samsung brand, in terms of economy, is the Rook smart knob, and finally, the best in terms of accessibility is the fingerprint lock, in different brands.

Samsung Electronic lock is the most famous lock among other brands of electronic locks and smart locks in Iran.

The price of a digital lock depends on various factors, including the brand and the type of access or their features. The highest quality and price related to Yale digital lock made in Europe and South Korea. In the next rank, Gait man brands made in South Korea and Rook digital lock, Samsung made in South Korea, Philippines and Vietnam have better quality and price respectively .The price of these locks is from 150 US dollars to 800 US dollars, of course, the amount of customs duty and shipping is also considered.

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